Cellulogy™ Endomassage

Vacuum Slimming System

Technologies included in this device

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Effective system with real results
Non-invasive procedure
No downtime


Treatments area


Recommended treatments – beauty effects

Deep tissue massage
Firming and tightening
Reduction of scars
Reduction of stretch marks
Cellulite reduction
Lymphatic drainage
Buttocks lifting


Technical specification

Vacuum pressure: ~ -0,75 bar
Vacuum productivity: 20 L/min
Input: 230V AC 50Hz or 110V AC 60Hz
Power consumption: 60 W
Operating mode: continuous
Operating system: LCD screen / touch screen 5”
Cooling system: air cooled
Material of enclosure: Corian®
Colour: white (soft-touch effect)
Plug: European, British, American
Warranty: 24-48 months


Suggested cosmetics from DERMEDICS™ for effective treatment

– During the treatment
– CALM massage emulsion (for face)
– LIPO DRAIN emulsion (for body)
– SLIM contact gel
– MESO CAPIL serum (skin detox)
– MESO SLIM serum (lipolysis activation)
– After treatment
– LIPO BALM (finishing care)


Suggested procedures that intensify slimming effects

Body wrapping
Thermal blankets


Economic benefits

This machine is a low-power electronic device designed to use less electricity to assist in reducing energy consumption in your salon which could lead to cheaper power bills

Unique advantages – Combined Beauty System

Possibilities of creating individually tailored devices with this technology
With over 100 variety models on offer, perfectly design a device with the perfect technology for your individual requirements
Free of extra charge